My name is Hugo Eriksson. My 3D art adventure began when I as a 13 year old started to play with Cinema 4D in my room at home in Köping, Sweden. I have always been fascinated by animals, shapes, color and light, so in gymnasium (Swedish secondary/high school) the choice was art and aesthetics. I deepened my knowledge at Wiks Art college and with university courses for 3D Modeling and Motion Graphics before I attended PlaygroundSquad school of games in Falun (3D-graphics, 400 HVE-credits).
I consider myself easygoing, quiet and friendly, even though I like to create monsters and goats… I am honest in my opinions and like to be a part in a team. My long term goal is to become an established and respected artist within character graphics design and to hone my skills in different game projects.

In short

Nationality: Swedish
Language: Native Swedish, Excellent spoken/written English
Secondary School: Ullvigymnasiet, Aestetic Course
Upper Secondary School: Wik Art School (1 year), PlaygroundSquad school of Games and Entertainment with focus on Game Graphics. Internship at Odd Raven Studios [Letter of Recommendation]

Software Expertise

Autodesk Maya
Cinema 4D
3D Coat
Adobe AfterEffects

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